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Anime World Ring

    Welcome to the home of the Anime World Ring. Anime World Ring is a webring that intends to bring all the anime web sites together to give anime lovers an easy access to all of the anime sites around theworld!

    This webring is opened to all of the anime web site owners. So if your site is anime related, just join this ring. :)

    You can also take a peek at the AnimeWorld Ring HTML Fragment below.

    Remember, sign my guestbook before you leave!

    Note: An e-mail will be sent to you after you submit your webpage to the Anime World Ring. The e-mail consists of Anime World Ring information and the Anime World Ring HTML Fragment codes. Don't paste the HTML Fragment codes found on this page to your webpage, because it will not work.

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The Fantasy Kingdom - anime, picture gallery and anime related information

The Fantasy Kingdom II - anime, jpop, picture gallery and anime related information

The Midi Library - anime, movie, jpop and misc midi

Anime World Ring was created on December 14, 1997 and is maintained by Evangeli0n.